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For a wife to seek an abortion on her own or a daughter to need one is an affront to strict-father control over the behavior of the women in his family.They are not the main moral issues in themselves; rather they are symbolic of the entire strict-father identity as applied to all spheres of life. Swing voters have both models–in different parts of their lives–and are unsure about which to apply to politics in a particular election.

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Equality means full political and social equality, without regard to wealth, race, religion or gender.

Openness requires open government and a free, inquiring press.

Their job is to nurture their children and raise them to be nurturers of others.

Nurturance has two aspects: empathy and responsibility–both for yourself and your children.

The only way to trump their moral values is with our own more traditional and more patriotic moral values.

Proclaim them and live them, and we will find that there are many more than 55 million of us.

Moral values at the national level are idealized family values projected onto the nation.

Progressive values are the values of a responsible nurturant family, where parents (if there are two) are equally responsible.

That discipline can also make them prosperous if they seek their self-interest and no one interferes.

Mommy isn’t strong enough to protect the family and is too soft-hearted to discipline the children. Apply this, via metaphor, to the nation: We need a strong President who knows right from wrong to defend the nation.


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