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It argues instead that loyalty, not impartial detachment, should be the central feature of our moral and political lives.

It argues instead that loyalty, not impartial detachment, should be the central feature of our moral and political lives.

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Voluntary euthanasia is when a person with a terminal (incurable) or serious progressive illness asks for their life to be ended by a doctor, or carer, which can include a family member or friend.

From the ethical perspective, euthanasia raises many important issues including the right to life, the right to liberty, the avoidance of unnecessary pain, the appropriate allocation of medical resources, and the rights and duties of doctors.

The book reasons that the legal systems should defer to existing relationships of loyalty.

Familial, professional, and religious loyalties should be respected as relationships beyond the limits of the law.

Some laws mirror the majority of society’s moral view, for example, that murder is wrong but the introduction of same sex marriages is seen by some people as morally wrong and society is divided.

The study of euthanasia elicits the vast sway of different opinions which exist about the moral right and wrong of the taking of a human life in order to ease pain and suffering.Mrs Pretty sees death as the preferred option and since it will eventually happen it is better to legalise it and regulate it.In the eyes of the victim and family death may not be such a bad thing.Euthanasia is also fertile ground for discussing the extent to which the law should and does enforce moral values.It is such an emotive topic because it concerns the pain and suffering of family members and also brings into account religious views and the doctor’s oath.The case of R (Pretty) v DPP fn1 has aroused great interest in the country.Diane Pretty suffers from an incurable terminal illness and has expressed a desire to die at a time of her choosing.The challenge, the book maintains, is to overcome the distorting effects of impartial morality and to develop a morality of loyalty properly suited to our emotional and spiritual lives. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.Yet the question remains: Aren't loyalty, and particularly patriotism, dangerously one-sided?Indeed, they are, but no more than are love and friendship.


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