Motivating Employees Essay

This paper also analyses the reward systems adopted at SAS institute and how the strategies help the management to realize a win-win situation.

In the wake of the modern work conditions, employee motivation is a major concern in many companies and organizations.

Security is one of the needs on Maslows’ needs hierarchy, Maslow points out that human beings seek to be protected.

In an organization, employees should be treated well and made to feel part of the company or organization.

Every human behavior has a motive behind it, which acts as a drive to the behavior.

Chances that the behavior is repeated depend on the reinforcement to the motive.

The paper further examines how SAS institute has applied these theories to motivate employees.

SAS institute is ranked among the top a hundred organizations in the US to work with.

Employees tend to work longer with organizations that are on keen satisfying their expectations.

The expectancy theory advanced by Vroom indicates that people invest their efforts in order to attain the desired performance, and that the performance and that the performance realized should lead to a set goal (Armstrong & Tina, 2005, p. The theory spells out three factors that influence an individuals’ level of motivation.


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