My Hero Jesus Christ Essay

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“You will have much to account for the day you meet God,” the e-mailer wrote.

“It is now evident you cannot write a review without your personal biases surfacing.

People see a Christian and think of the way a person should be.

In most cases people don't think that Christians make mistakes like everyone else, so they are heavily criticized...

I take to heart the exhortation of the British mystic and writer Evelyn Underhill — one of my spiritual heroes — that work should be “part of the creative apparatus” of the Holy Spirit.

How to live into that reality and still be inclusive, accessible and — please, God — free of scolding, self-righteous sanctimony?That is not professional.” My correspondent’s words stung — not only because something I had written had caused such obvious distress.In just a few short sentences, he summed up the tensions, contradictions and fleeting moments of grace I have experienced as a film critic who also happens to be a practicing Christian.Rather than quoting Jesus, the prophets and the Bible in my reviews, I’m more likely to couch my Christian faith in language having to do with humanism, transcendence and cosmic mystery.But even those safely secular work-arounds are proving challenging this year, which has already witnessed a bounty of Christian-themed movies: “Son of God,” “Noah” and “God’s Not Dead” have all been hits at the box office; “Heaven Is for Real,” which opens Wednesday, is predicted to meet with similar success and “Exodus: God and Kings,” starring Christian Bale as Moses, is set for release in December.One of my favorite balancing-work-and-faith moments in recent memory was rushing back from doing a Sunday morning show interview about the Oscar race in order to deliver Communion to a congregation member who wasn’t able to attend church that day — a morning that invited some choice moments of reflection on God and mammon, if not in that precise order.But my resistance to invoking God, Jesus Christ and matters of the spirit in my writing also has to do with something the “Son of God” e-mailer correctly identified: the journalistic habit of not allowing my personal biases to surface, thereby inappropriately using my work as a religious platform and alienating those readers who don’t share my faith or have no faith at all.Deviance in Christianity Christianity is something that is looked upon as being a great religion among saints and followers of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.This is supposed to be a religion of people who want to live their lives in the shadow of him.This has now given the church a bad name in the eyes of others.Over time and throughout everyone's daily life we all will stumble and make mistakes that are looked upon by other people as being wrong, and if said so by them they would never do anything like that.


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