My Pet Peeve Essay

No one wants to hear how much someone enjoys the food by the way they are eating it. D)It absolutely turns my stomach to watch someone’s food churning in their mouth like a front loading washing machine. A)If you talk while eating, and you are older than a toddler, people may think you are a bit of a pig so it is not a good habit. C)Smacking your lips as you open and close your jaw makes lots of noise. C)There is no need to blow a bubble and pop it every few minutes. E)It is rude; it is not pleasant to hear or to look at. D)When you chew food and talk it is possible for the chewed food to fall from your open mouth or get catapulted across the table. This usage is not grammatically incorrect, since language can change to accommodate it. It is not a peeve for many faculty, nor in many fields of study where it was once forbidden. Is that really the best strategy to pursue when a writer wants to convince an audience?

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That said, many students think that summary is analysis--not so.

Read the page on analysis in Writer's Web to review this idea. ." This tactic is a pit into which many freshman writers stumble. It was a handy tactic in high school, but it is as rotten as Noah Webster's cadaver now. Zaius spoke that way when he read from the Sacred Scrolls in (the original and superior version of) Here a second rule, after "read aloud," comes into play.

No, I do not expect my writers to cite every possible source and datum for an assertion.

Just be forewarned that unsupported opinion is not welcome while writing for most faculty, unless an assignment asks for that. The writer's audience--the teacher and the other students in class--knows the stories in the reading.

Couples who sit on the same side of the booth when there is no one on the other side. Dining with a picky eater (they can never order off the menu without customizing every aspect of the meal). Men on trains who insist on sitting with their legs spread wide like they got something there.

Parents who bring their young kids to R rated films. People who blame anything but themselves for THEIR failure. People who chat online (instant messaging) while I'm on the phone with them. Couples that own a dog together and call themselves mommy and daddy. Being asked my telephone number/account number AFTER I already entered in using the keypad on my phone. The noise people make when they rub their fingers on balloons. When ice cream drips out of the bottom of a sugar cone. People who zig zag in and out of lanes on the expressway.

That said, it is safe to say that most items below reflect the tastes of other faculty members with whom I have spoken or who have sent students to the Writing Center. You will be surprised by the number of errors you catch!

If you are still unsure about your work, have a friend read it aloud to you.

Please use "regardless." Think about what "irregular" or "irrational" mean.

"Regardless" already means "without regard to": "irregardless," by its nature, is redundant."Novel": Only a book-length work of fiction is a novel.


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