My Valentine Essay

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We joke, we laugh, we poke fun at one another being sure to emphasize our specialty of sarcasm, and all-the-while we support each other in everything we do and everything we aspire to be.

We are all studying to be elementary school teachers, which only helps to strengthen our bond - we can be there to help carry each other through not only our college experience, but our careers; and that's something that we will be forever grateful.

But with the passing weeks, my bonds with my college friends have become increasingly stronger.

My college friends are quickly becoming my best friends, and in the short time we've been bonding it seems as though we have been friends all our lives.

Given, it was nearly 11 pm and a Tuesday, we decided to go anyway. We treated ourselves to some caffeinated drinks, and hung out for another half hour before we decided to go our separate ways in order to conquer the next morning/day with ease. I hadn't provided myself the simple luxury of even coffee while I've been here this semester, and it reminded me to treat myself every now and again.

It was upon my arrival back in my dorm, as I was laying in my bed sipping the last of what was left of my Frappuccino, that I took time to reflect on the day. Even though my Valentine's Day wasn't spent wrapped in red roses and showered with expensive gifts and over priced meals, it was full of chocolate, gifts (like teddy bears and teaching stamps), and love - which is all anyone could ever really ask for, and it proves that you don't need a relationship to be happy on Valentine's Day.

One of the girls has a long-time boyfriend, so a romantic date night was inevitable between the two, the other has a complicated situation that could've put her on a date as well, so I expected to spend it alone in my room; more than likely reading a novel.

Not that I was complaining, I was beyond happy for them (and I still am), plus, I love to read.

It's not that I don't like the holiday- I love seeing sappy posts about people's significant others because I love seeing people so happy and in love.

But when you're a newly single college freshman hours away from home, going to school and being far away from any of your hometown friends and amazing family, Valentine's Day is dreadful.


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