Nicmar Assignments

Nicmar Assignments-3
These assessments will take the form of responses to literary questions, quizzes, and dramatic performances.Every other Wednesday students will take a test over vocabulary words they have studied from the textbook, Advanced Word Power.

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Post Graduate Programme in Quantity Surveying (PGP QS) vii.

Post Graduate Programme in Health, Safety and Environment Management (PGP HSEM).

We will also read two Shakespearean dramas (one is in the anthology) and two novels.

Here is a tentative schedule: Weeks 1-2: Middle Ages (Beowulf, etc.) 3-4: Middle English Period (Chaucer, Mallory, etc.) 5-12: Renaissance and Shakespeare (Macbeth, Hamlet, etc.) 13-18: Stuart Period (Metaphysical Poets, Milton, Pilgrim’s Progress) Weeks 1-4: Neoclassical Period (Dryden, Defoe, Swift, etc.) 5-9: Romantic Period (Blake, Shelley, Wordsworth, etc.) 10-14: Victorian Period (Tennyson, Carroll, Kipling, Heart of Darkness) 15-18: Modern Period (Joyce, Woolf, Yeats, Safely Home) Students will write several creative documents which will enhance their assignments in and understanding of critical analysis and rhetorical structure.

• Three simple rules: be seated before the bell rings, speak only with permission, and leave your chair only with permission.

The majority of our reading with be from the literature anthology, British Literature for Christian Schools.

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In this course students will engage in a chronological study of British Literature from the Anglo-Saxon period to Modernism, in preparation for collegiate work.

Students earn points for paying attention, keeping up with the reading, adding observations, asking relevant questions, taking notes, etc.

Students lose points for being tardy, unprepared, treating other students discourteously, or not paying attention.


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