Non Profit Organization Research Paper

An accurate job description helps the employer know what type of employee to look for, and helps the prospective employee know if they can do the job the employer expects.

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In addition, service issues that can result from a combination of poor training or job understanding, combined with high turnover, can cost an organization both money and clientele.

This is particularly critical in non-profit organizations, who depend on having clientele to get funding and in government organizations, who are typically subject to some type of citizen oversight.

Before beginning a discussion of job analysis, it is helpful to define what job analysis is, and why it is important.

Understanding what employees do and why they do it is critical to understanding how the organization operates and whether or not it could be operating more effectively.

The combination of staffing costs, costs of having vacancies that result in lowered productivity by other employees, and training costs for new employees can be prohibitive.

Even the most highly qualified applicants will have a learning curve in the new employment situation, and costs associated with overtime and allocation of resources will mount up during the transition time (Georgia Budget and Policy Institute, 2006).The organizational goal is to keep the best employees.It becomes even more critical to the organization if a "good" employee leaves, because the remaining employees may be doing the workload of more than one personal already.Collins suggests that the inability of employees to take responsibility for things that go wrong contributes to this negative expectation of customer service.Collins (2001) suggested that one of the greatest issues in business today is the inability to accept responsibility for things that go wrong.In the next section, the research relating to turnover and service issues is reviewed, and the link is made to turnover, service issues, and the need for job analysis.Trevor and Nyberg stated that "...turnover-related financial costs, which include employee replacement, training, and outplacement are quite high, with per-leaver estimates often doubling leaver salary" (p. The authors also pointed out that "recent research indicates that turnover rates are negatively associated with business unit and organizational success (Glebbeek & Bax, 2004; Kacmar, Andrews, Rooy, Steilberg, & Cerrone, 2006; Mc Elroy, Morrow, & Rude, 2001; Shaw, Gupta, & Delery, 2005)" (Trevor & Nyberg, 2008, p. The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute reported that turnover cost the state of Georgia 5 million for the fiscal year of 2005.Ross (2005) reported that in 2004, the turnover rate total across the United States exceeded 23%.Complicating the issue is a lack of well-trained potential hires; the US Department of Labor projected labor shortages until 2012 (Ross 2005).The danger of budget cuts looms in every venue, and organizations which have an adequate and accurate understanding of the job process are more likely to succeed budget cuts and public scrutiny.This project investigates not only the process of job analysis in public or non-profit organizations, but also the implications for public and/or non-profit human resources management.


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