Nonverbal Communication Research Paper

Our non-verbal behaviour is the more reliable guide to our feelings” Dr Gabriel Raam states that “body movement can indicate attitudes and feelings K.

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Lamb called his research movement analysis and he investigated the way that we use movement, facial expression, eye contact, tactile communication, personal space, environment, paralanguage and silence and time in order to convey our messages effectively.

Lamb states ” Kit is important for you to develop some sensitivity to non-verbal messages.

There are about eight different categories of non-verbal communication and I am going to explain their meanings and importance.

h Paralanguage This type of non-verbal communication involves the way that we say things and the tone of voice we use to say them, ” Researchers have found that the tone, pitch, quality of voice and rate of speaking convey emotions that can be accurately judged regardless of the content of the message” We can convey a positive message but use a negative tone of voice this will send mixed messages to the person we are communicating with and may make us seem insincere.

Non-verbal cues include all the signs and signals-audio, visual, tactile and chemical used by human beings to express themselves apart form manual sing language and speech.” Givens believes that humans use non-verbal communication naturally and that it is firmly grounded in evolutionary development, he further states that “non-verbal communication is culture-free: it applies worldwide.

People can go anywhere and understand these signals, even if they don’t know the spoken language.” Meharian also wrote about the importance of non-verbal communication.He believes that non-verbal communication accounts for the majority of the message that we portray to other he states “verbal cues provide 7% of the meaning of the message, vocal cues 38%, and facial expression 55%.This means that as the receiver of the message, you can rely heavily on the facial expression of the sender because his expressions are a better indicator of the meaning behind the message than words.” I am now going to look at the different types of non-verbal communication.Non-Verbal Communication Essay, Research Paper Spoken and non-verbal communication Non verbal communication is often called body language because it involves the way we use our bodies and gestures not our spoken word to communicate.Non-verbal communication is 55% more powerful than the spoken word, it is believed by many that 60-80% of our message is communicated through body language and only 7-10% is communicated through the spoken words.Thus, Hall believes that we must respect each other personal space in order for effective communication to take place. “physical- facial expressions,tone of voice, sense of tuch,sense of smell and body motions 2.Aesthetic-this type of communication includes creative expressions; playing instrumental music, dancing, painting and sculpture. Signs- this type of communication includes the use of signal flags, slautes,horns and sirens 4.We have to balance the amount of eye contact that we maintain with a person and try to evaluate if they are comfortable with the amount of eye contact we are maintaining and adjust the contact accordingly.Dr Raam states “eye contact can maintain, yield, deny and request communication between people.People who use eye contact are viewed as confident, credible and having nothing to hide.” h Facial expression Facial expression is a very important part of non-verbal communication.We cannot communicate a message effectively without using facial expression.


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