Nonverbal Observation Essay

At some point in time, he would lean forward, stretch out his hand and tuck the ladies hair behind her ears.

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I ended up observing a couple just a few rows in front of my table.

The observation began at about am and ended about 30 minutes later.

The young man, from his boyish grin and strong masculine physique I guessed would be around the age of 24, but his well-tailored suit made him seem older.

He was lean with brown eyes and well-trimmed black hair.

The café was unusually quiet, probably because the weather was bit chilly or because it was one of those days where everyone seemed to be in a relaxed mood.

The couple just a few tables ahead of where I sat were equally quiet but it was obvious they were communicating in what many would deem as nonverbal.

It seemed so but the young man’s air of confidence and composure didn’t give much away.

However, I was able to come to this conclusion when he reached out and took her hand in his.

Secondly was the touching of hands in the most gentle on manners and the tucking of the hair.

Lastly, the body language of both individuals seemed the strongest signal of the communication.


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