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They have been viewed as possible biomarkers for tumor progression and early detection of neurodegenerative diseases, but they’ve been difficult to detect.

They have been viewed as possible biomarkers for tumor progression and early detection of neurodegenerative diseases, but they’ve been difficult to detect.

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Excess Body Weight Increases Risk of Depression Danish researchers found that people who carry 10 kilograms, or about 22 pounds, excess body fat have a 17% increased risk of developing depression.

However, they didn’t find that the location on the body of the fat made a difference, suggesting that the risk for depression is psychological (or societal) in nature, not physiological.

The group’s techniques involve paper in the form of microfluidic chips and a smartphone.

“Paper substrate is very cheap and easy to store, and we can fabricate these chips easily,” stated Soo Chung, a biosystems engineering doctoral student in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Arizona in the laboratory of Jeong-Yeol Yoon.

Every week there are numerous scientific studies published.

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Here’s a look at some of the more interesting ones. It’s also associated with widespread illness on cruise ships or other self-contained environments like conferences or college dorms.The clumps are large enough to be detected and photographed with a smartphone microscope.A smartphone app then counts the illuminated pixels in the image to identify the number of aggregated beads, providing the number of norovirus particles.This allows chromosomes to continue replicating and dividing.They are also implicated in aging, because as we age, our telomeres slowly become shorter.Hormonal dysregulation was generally believed to be the primary factor and how it leads to chronic inflammation.However, although that may very well be a factor, the new research shows that elevated blood sugar levels make the genome unstable.Why Diabetes Increases Cancer Risk Although the correlation between diabetes and cancer is well known, the mechanism behind it is not.However, recent research shows that DNA is damaged more often and gets repaired less often when blood sugar levels are high.Each bead is bound to an antibody against norovirus.If the norovirus is present, the antibodies attach to a virus, creating a clump of fluorescent beads.


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    But norovirus can be identified by testing a stool sample. If you are immunocompromised or have other health problems, your doctor may recommend a stool test to confirm the presence of norovirus. Treatment. There's no specific treatment for norovirus infection, and recovery generally depends on the health of your immune system.…

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    Furthermore, it remains unclear why some people do not become sick with norovirus even when they are exposed. 16, 21, 32 Very little is known about the differences in hygiene practices, behaviors, and personal susceptibility between those who become infected and those who do not, which brings up the potential for more research. 17…

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    A user can add a water sample to one end of the paper chip, and small fluorescent polystyrene beads that are studded with antibodies against norovirus to the other.…

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    Yoon’s research team previously developed a smartphone-based device that measured light-scattering from norovirus-bound polystyrene beads in a paper microfluidic chip. It has now improved the device’s detection limit by changing to a fluorescence-based method.…

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    To detect norovirus in the field, such as on cruise ships or in municipal water wells, the team decided to use much simpler materials paper, in the form of microfluidic chips, and a smartphone.…

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    Turn off taps with paper towel, and use paper towel to open doors, and then throw out the paper towel. Wash hands after using the rest room, and before eating – about 5 to 10 times a day. Myths It is impossible to get infected by Norovirus in any of these ways 1. Being “near” someone who has it, including co-workers or friends 2.…

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