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Using the tools developed by the history of science, the author argues that this understanding of the body as a motor and of nutrition as an input-outcome process, may obscure the social and cultural context which lies in the popularization and use of nutritional standards, which may be relevant in the understanding of food as an object of analysis.The beginning of agriculture is seen as the major transition in the human past, a changeover that strengthened sedentary lifestyle, drastically reduced the risk of famine and the dependence on the environmental conditions, and ultimately,...

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Published 20 Feb, 2018 Short Communication The timeline by year of Pub Med website shows as more than hundred documents appears under the search of the formula “polyphenols brain aging”, being the beginnings of the present century the initial period of this eye-catching interest.

Published 16 Feb, 2018 Research Article Background: The purpose of this research work was to assess household food security and its nutritional implications on adolescents from selected Local Government Areas of Lagos, Nigeria.

The argument is that thermodynamic concepts, instruments and practices, born in very specific places in Europe, were mobilized around the world, consolida- ting the idea of the human body as a human motor.

This powerful metaphor created an understanding of the calories as integral part of foodstuffs, guiding the research of physiologists, chemists, and also the popularization of nutritional knowledge.

A large dictionary of tea terms, industry jargon of the tea business and Russian tea subcultures. A large dictionary of tea terms, industry jargon of the tea business and Russian tea subcultures. 一本茶术语的大词典,茶业行业术语和俄罗斯茶亚文化。第 1 卷。Previous scholarship has suggested that ritualized giving (dāna) by laity to monastics constituted a significant factor in the creation of Buddhism as a viable social phenomenon.

The giving of almsfood, in particular, provides a prime...

Published 16 Feb, 2018 Research Article This paper studies the structure of consumption profiles for European countries.

The analysis covers twenty European Union (EU) member states for the year 1961 and 28 EU countries for the year 2011.

El argumento principal es que conceptos, instrumentos y prácticas, surgidos de la termodinámica en contextos europeos específicos, fueron movilizados por el mundo y consolidaron la idea del cuerpo humano como un motor humano.

Esta pode- rosa metáfora permitió que las calorías se entendieran como partes integrales de los alimentos, lo cual guió la investigación de fisiólogos, químicos, y fue acompañada del conocimiento nutricional.


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