Open Cap Splint Osteosynthesis

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Of the 100 fractures analyzed, 46% are unilateral fractures and 54% are bilateral.

Sides affected among these are left (58%), right (39%), and symphysis or midline (3%).

Minimal jaw movement----------- use simple elastic bandage for chin support. Mixed dentition with inadequate retension ----------use cap splints with cement bond and circumferential wire on each side.

Region of coronoid process CLASSIFICATIONClassified by the presence or absence of teeth Class I : Teeth on both side of the fx line dentelous . 2 dislocation or subluxation of the tooth from the socket. INTRACAPSULAR EXTRACAPSULAR Luxation / sublaxation subcondylar neck Condylar head condylar neck hair line high condylar communited low condylar TREATMENT OF CONDYLAR FRACTURES 3 TREATMENT OPTION. Where some occlusion present bur there is wide spread of caries or deciduous teeth------use circumferential wires on each side with cicumzygomatic wires.

The basis of this evolution in management strategies is largely attributable to a better understanding of the biomechanics of the mandible, its behavior in response to traumatic forces, fracture patterns, etiology, epidemiology, mode of healing, and functional rehabilitation.

Hence, it is of paramount importance that the aforementioned variables are further researched to improve our understanding of the mandibular fractures.Ann Maxillofac Surg 2019;4-8How to cite this URL: Srinivasan B, Balakrishna R, Sudarshan H, Veena G C, Prabhakar S.Ann Maxillofac Surg [serial online] 2019 [cited 2019 Sep 7];4-8. 2019/9/1/124/260352The mandible is immaculate in design with varying strength of bone in different regions, in correlation with stress distribution on function. permanent Fractures with deciduous dentition can be treated with MMF for 2-3 weeks. Growth center The most feared complication of a Pedi mandible fx is ankylosing of the TMJ with impact on jaw growth that causes severe facial deformity- prevent with weekly mobilization IT IS HARDER TO PERIDONTAL WIRE LIGATURES AROUND DECIDOUS TEETH BECAUSE THE TOOTH IS CLOSER TO THE GINGIVAL MARGIN THAN THE CROWN OF THE PERMANENT TOOTH SO IT MAY BE NECESSARY TO SECURE THE WIRES TO THE PIRIFORM RIM AND MANDIBLE BY CIRCUMANDIBULAR WIRESPOST OPERATIVE CARE THREE PHASES. Sufficient firm erupted deciduous and permanent teeth------eyelets and arch bars UNERUPTED TEETH. Bone plates CONTRAINDICATED Pins Special consideration for children Deciduous teeth vs.According to the type of fracture : greenstick fracture, complex fracture, comminuted fracture, impacted fracture and depressed fracture C. 3) the late postoperative phase which includes removal of fixation, bite rehabilation , physiotherapy and long term observation of the dentition in particular.According to the presence or absence of the teet h in the jaws / dentulous , partially edentulous, edentulous/. The objective of this study was to perform a retrospective analysis of patients with mandibular fractures reporting to our institution and to evaluate the (i) age distribution, (ii) gender predilection, (iii) etiology, (iv) site and side distribution of the fractures, (v) common concomitant fractures of the mandible, (vi) treatment protocol, and (vii) postoperative complications.A systematic retrospective analysis of all patients who reported to K. E Society's Institute of Dental Sciences, Bengaluru, with maxillofacial injuries between June 2010 and July 2017 was conducted.Results: Of 94 patients, 72 male and 22 female patients belong to the age group of 4–62 years (average 31.57 years).Among the various etiologies, i.e., assault, road traffic accident (RTA), self-fall, workplace injury, and sports-related injury, RTA accounts for 62.76% and self-fall for 18.08% of cases.


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