Opinion Writing Paper

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The goal of the essay is to convince the reader to share the writer’s opinion.

Friendships, dating, and other relationships can be both rewarding and exasperating.

An environmental lawyer in Harrisburg, Pa., Burcat, 64, had been writing in his spare time for many years and had cranked out several novels, including an early version of this one.

Then, in early 2018, he lost much of the vision in his right eye to the same affliction that a year and a half earlier had ravaged his left.

Blindness is a gift.”Borges turned the loss of his eyesight into a gorgeous poem, “On His Blindness,” which notes that he can no longer savor “the closed encyclopedia,” “the tiny soaring birds,” “the moons of gold.” “Others have the world, for better or worse,” it concludes.

“I have this half-dark, and the toil of verse.”I have a special interest in Milton and Borges — and became aware of Burcat — because of my own diminished eyesight.

That’s the lesson of John Milton, of Jorge Luis Borges and of scores if not hundreds of less celebrated writers who worked without eyesight, which, in most cases, like theirs, they lost as adults. Milton produced “Paradise Lost” and “Paradise Regained” more than a decade after his eyes failed around 1652.

“A good argument can be made that he was able to render these masterpieces not in spite of his blindness but because of it,” John Rumrich, who teaches Milton at the University of Texas, told me.

The graduate section of [email protected] offers advice for students working on original research papers.

Joel Burcat’s debut novel, “Drink to Every Beast,” isn’t climbing best-seller lists or getting attention from prominent critics. But none had found a publisher and gone out into the world.


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