Oral History Research Paper

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The story continued with the author's father as a child and then the author himself.

Allen Say learned about his family and Japanese heritage from stories told by his father and grandfather.

"Choose a topic for oral histories that is related to an area of study in social studies and is developmentally appropriate for the grade level of students.

In some cases, the people who are telling their life story may be the same, but the topic would be different. history and interviewing those same grandparents about their related experiences or memories of events.

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Students can do this by interviewing family and community members and creating oral histories — a type of primary source material in the study of history.

Other source materials to use with oral histories could be physical artifacts such as photographs, journals, documents, and other materials that the subject of an oral history could provide (Barton, 2001; Field, Labbo, Willhem, & Garret, 1996: Hickey, 1997).

Phillip shared that in 1937, when his father's grandfather was 13 years old, there was a terrible famine in Fizhou on mainland China so the boy was put on a boat with his little sister, who was 11.

They were told to get off when they reached Singapore and look for relatives. It was not Singapore, however; it was Taipei on the island of Taiwan.


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