Persuade Marriage Essay

So could two close college students, a pair of seminarians, or a couple of frat buddies.

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The concept of domestic partnership ignores these concerns, indeed directly attacks them, this is a pity, since one of its most important objectives—providing some civil recognition for gay relationships—is a noble cause and one completely compatible with the defense of the family.

But the way to go about it is not to undermine straight marriage; it is to legalize old-style marriage for gays.

What neither side quite contemplated is that they both might be right, and that the way to tackle the issue of unconventional relationships in conventional society is to try something both more radical and more conservative than putting courts in the business of deciding what is and is not a family.

That alternative is the legalization of civil gay marriage.

In the context of the weakened family’s effect upon the poor, it might also invite social disintegration.

One of the worst products of the New Right’s “family values” campaign is that its extremism and hatred of diversity has disguised this more measured and more convincing case for the importance of the marital bond.

To be gay and to be bourgeois no longer seems such an absurd proposition.

Certainly since AIDS, to be gay and to be responsible has become a necessity.

The judge ruled that to all intents and purposes a gay lover is part of his lover’s family, inasmuch as a “family” merely means an interwoven social life, emotional commitment, and some level of financial interdependence.

It’s a principle now well established around the country.


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