Persuasive Essay Martial Arts

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Research yields evidence that a writer can use to back up all the claims.

Once the research process is over, it’s time to proceed to the outline.

Throughout the paper, a writer develops an argument, takes sides, and explains why a reader should adopt their opinion.

Persuasive writing utilizes logic and reason to demonstrate that one idea is more legitimate and superior than the other.

Without an outline, your mind is scattered, wanders from one idea to another and it shows in your writing style.

Composing an outline allows you to organize the notes you’ve taken while researching, and it always generates a few additional ideas you can use.

In martial arts, blocking is the act of stopping or deflecting an opponent's attack for the purpose of preventing injurious contact with the body.

A block usually consists of placing a limb across the line of the attack.

Although the goal is to persuade a reader, a writer should not make baseless claims. Teachers and professors want to get a closer insight into your critical thinking, so try to avoid thinking whether your professor would agree/disagree with it too.

Instead, the argument must always use sound reasoning and solid evidence. Use your own opinion to develop an argument, research, and compose a persuasive essay.


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