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This will only benefit our economy by getting people off the streets and working. "Cost of Illegal Immigration in Minnesota." Newsmax.

I believe doing these two things will dramatically decrease the number of illegal immigrants coming to the United States. Immigration started with our nation’s beginning and it hasn’t seen and had continued for every year since.Each wave of immigrant brings new ideas and cultures as the people integrate with other Americans.Why are we still letting illegal immigrants take our jobs, money, and causing crime? We need to stop letting the illegals take US citizens jobs and taking our taxpayers money. Sincerely yours, Andy Krogstad, Jens Manuel, Jeffrey S. Immigration is what has made America what it is today.11/1/16Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington DC 20500Illegal Immigration How would you like to lower your taxes? All of these will happen if we do something about one our biggest issues in America, illegal immigration.Illegal immigrants come into America illegally either by crossing the border or overstaying here. If the user is making personal attacks, using profanity or harassing someone, please flag this content as inappropriate.Now you would think that it's Minnesota so there isn't that many illegal immigrants there, think again. An estimated 95,000 illegal immigrants lived in Minnesota in 2012.


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