Persuasive Speech Global Warming

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If we work together, results like these can be achieved, but we must be unified in our fight to save this planet. If 1 million people turned off their PC’s every night, we could eliminate more than 50,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

Also, the increasing market in solar energy means that solar panels for either hot water heating or electricity generation are dropping in price, and purchasing these can significantly lower our dependence on energy grids, thus lowering your carbon output.

I’m Matt Hindmarsh from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and I believe that as the caretakers of this planet we must strive together to reduce our carbon emissions and…

save the planet BACKGROUND: We’ve all heard about Climate Change and you’ve now heard me list some of its disastrous effects, but what exactly causes it? In a nutshell, global warming, known as climate change, is the heating up of our world.

How many of you drive to the shops if it’s only a five-minute walk away?

The car has become such an integral part of society that we’ve not realised the harm it is creating.

It is the result of huge amounts of CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere, via the burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil to produce power and electricity and thousands and thousands of products, from plastic to makeup to the clothes that we wear. If not to save our own skins, think about our children, and our children’s children.

Ever since the industrial revolution in the early 19th century, man has been progressively burning more and more fossil fuels. Do you want them to inherit a devastated world, knowing full well that we contributed to its destruction?

The three biggest contributors to climate change are man-made, but all three of them can, and will be solved with your efforts.

PROBLEM 1: Massive carbon emitters Powerful corporations like the oil-producing BHP Biliton, aluminium giant Alcoa, and of course the coal burning mega factories that supply our electricity rely on the burning of fossil fuels, and are contributing huge amounts of emissions each year.


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