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Pulling and pushing me along the path that led me here.So even if the main contribution doesn’t reach a large audience, I hope the acknowledgements in my book do. I loved all things space and dinosaur related, and had an awesome Physics teacher.

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Thesis acknowledgment is an under-appreciated form of genre literature, one that rivals the haiku for potency of meaning packed into brevity.

It shows scientists at their most human and interesting. Panic, anxiety and fear are often spoken about frankly.

The person who needed to thank his friend for company on ‘all our walks home from lab after midnight’ is putting in a few too many details. Most people err on the side of inclusivity (or perhaps want to highlight the breadth of their connectivity).

I suspect at least one relationship has been kept alive just so the author could immortalise its existence on paper; conversely, I know of one significant other who, after only a few months of commitment, received hearty gratitude in the final lines not necessarily warranted from their short-term status.

Summarised in 131 pages and 18 scientific publications. While the new title does sound cool (how else can one be taken seriously when announcing world domination), the biggest result is the little book: the dissertation, in my case, on Learning Dashboards. But more than just research and writing went into this achievement.

But while I hope the pages reach the intended audience (the Learning Analytics community), I wonder if anyone beyond that will read it. A lot of people, friends, family, and colleagues, were part of the process.The library is the best place to find out what your seniors have written in their acknowledgement pages.You can borrow these papers with the permission of the librarians or if it’s not the norm, then you can easily note the structure down.Even if it so, you should invest a chunk of your pocket money in order to lay your hands upon the acknowledgement example pages.There are innumerable books that are available in market guiding the doctorate students about their writing.If your institution library has them in limited number, you have no other option but to buy few of them.You may ask your professor to recommend few good books that teach about- how to write a thesis paper.But not every dissertation needs an acknowledgement page. This is the prevalent norm that an acknowledgement page should be included next to the title page.But many professors suggest that this must be placed after the abstract.Kindness costs nothing – especially when there isn’t a page limit.Of course, you may be one of those unsentimental people who would find it excruciating to write anything more emotive than ‘and lastly, I’d like to thank my family’.


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