Phd Dissertation Human Resource Management

Explain what sources you used to investigate the topic.This is where you can mention how your study is linked to the previous research in the field.

Why is this dichotomy , which is far from reality & not being realised in practice?

A dissertation proposal is an important step on the way to writing your final master’s or Ph D paper on human resource management.

It should effectively present your research question in the field, set your goals, and explain how you’re going to achieve them.

Basically, the proposal will serve as a clear table of contents for your future project and prove that you’re competent enough to do quality research. You may focus on the recent trends in the approaches to human resource management, explore different factors influencing employee assessment, investigate existing strategies of increasing employee performance, etc.

Hari om , you are asking a question as to: "I am pursuing a Ph.d in HR.

What could be a good topic of research in the human resource area? Unlike other animals which are highly selfish & can not hide their selfishness , human being manifests a calm exterior though emotions persist inside.

Present your major research question and provide some background information on the subject.

Discuss what sources you’ll refer to in the process of work and what data you need to collect.

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