Physical Geography Dissertation Ideas

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If anyone has any ideas on what I could do on coastal dunes that would be amazing.

I live in Camber Sands East Sussex and would ideally like to be able to do something within an hours drive from my house e.g. I'm sort of at the point where I don't care what the subject is just as long as I can do the project and it can gain a good mark.

It would also be feasible to predict and map the impact of various sea-level rise scenarios on low lying coastal regions.

Opportunities exist for students to contribute to an existing programme of research, in collaboration with the UK National Police Improvements Agency, examining the use of different geophysical search techniques for finding murder victims, whose bodies have been buried in coastal environments.

This project will involve logging the section, identifying the facies and the applying sedimentological techniques such as particle size and clast fabric analysis in order to identify the site's palaeoenvironmental and palaeoglaciological history. The reference below flags up some of the controversial issues. Geomorphology (in press as of Jan 2011) direct link to pdf file.

There are many projects you could base on mountain streams, and there are plenty of convenient mountain streams in the UK. There are several things you could do in Keele's low-temperature lab to study the origin and significance of glacier basal ice. Projects might examine the nature and human impact of a variety of different natural hazards.Some of the project ideas in our list are just titles or broad topic areas, but others give you some additional detail and suggested start-up reading.When you fill in your Dissertation Form 1 you may, if you wish, use one of these listed topics as the starting point for your dissertation.A particular application area lies in the uses of GIS with such data to measure changes in the coastal zone in the context of various explanatory variables the relationship between rates of cliff line recession and shoreline protection measures would be one example.Investigations involving predictions of future coastal zone losses based upon measured historical rates might also be considered.Specific project possibilities include: The coastal environment provides a wide range of opportunities for dissertation projects.Some possible project ideas, which could be conducted in various parts of the UK coastline, or even overseas, include: Easy access to contemporary and historic Ordnance Survey datasets through the Digimap service provides opportunity for studies involving landscape change including predictive modelling." in the "How to do your dissertation..." textbook by Parsons and Knight (2005), and further advice in the dissertation handbook and the "supplementary advice" document You can also talk to members of staff to get feedback on your ideas.There is also a list of some previous titles that students have used before.For example you could look at how step-pools form and evolve, or how they respond to flood events. and an example of research looking at how step pools respond to flooding is provided by Molnar, et al. For example, you could test the hypothesis that herringbone facies supercooled ice (which can be created in the lab) transforms diagenetically into stratified or dispersed facies ice under strain. These could involve a variety of techniques, including the analysis of secondary data, GIS mapping, questionnaire surveys and structured interviews.A convenient review of step-pools is provided by Chin and Wohl (2005) Progress in Physical Geography Vol. Specific project possibilities include: Projects might examine spatial and temporal variations in weather and climate at a variety of scales, their controls and their wider implications.


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