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Related: Improving Your Project Evaluation Process Can you make that decision quickly? If you don’t have a great amount of experience, then the research and analytical skills are a great ballast to keep you afloat and sailing in the right direction amidst the storms that problems stir up.Upgrading your decision-making process is one of the fastest ways to improve your problem solving, so be aware of how and why you’re making your decisions.

Therefore, the faster you can solve a problem, the faster you can get the work done or review the solution to ensure it’s correct (and get home on time).

That’s why the following seven problem solving skills are so important to both the experienced and new person on the job.

The problem with research is knowing what is important and what it not.

Analytical skills give you the tools to prioritize effectively, as time is always of the essence with any major problem.

Problems usually don’t show up without a history, and where there’s a history, there’s also a precedent for responding to the problem.

To understand the way others fixed a problem is to find a way out of the one you’re in now. The deeper your research, the less likely you’ll have a problem to begin with.

Research means doing the due diligence before embarking on executing your project, and it is the rock on which all your problem solving sits.

Therefore, to not put it down as a fundamental skill that all good problem solvers have in common would leave a big hole in your problem-solving skills.

Try using creativity exercises to get into the mood.

It sounds ridiculous, but one of the barriers to solving a problem is being able to act and make a decision.


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