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Question 8 above highlights a pretty good point to remember in your interviews… Specific knowledge can be taught but they can’t teach you problem-solving. Note: For 5 other major things every hiring manager wants to see, check out this article. The same process above would work if you had pulled out an orange at the start. Your goal: split the coins into two piles so there are the same number of heads-up coins in each pile. It blew my mind back then but hopefully it’ll make sense as I write it out. But I definitely didn’t have the right answer, even after 5 minutes grinding through it outloud.

take any 10 coins out of the 100, put them into a separate pile, and flip those 10 over. And I didn’t prepare well for the interview obviously!” For each option, what is the probability that you’ll be shot? The key hint here is that the bullets were loaded adjacent to each other. Each friend has a 2/3 chance of telling you the truth and a 1/3 chance of messing with you by lying. What is the probability that it’s actually raining in Seattle? You only need 1 of your friends to be telling the truth for it to be raining in Seattle. 26/27 or around a 96% that it’s raining in Seattle. We know we can’t get the final result in the 3 gallon jug. We need to end up with 4 gallons in the 5 gallon jug. The boxes have been incorrectly labeled such that no label identifies the actual contents of its box. There are 4 ways to arrange the revolver with consecutive bullets so that the first shot is blank. It’s fastest just to calculate the odds that all 3 are lying, and it’s not raining. Opening just one box, and without looking in the box, you take out one piece of fruit. Go to the box labeled “Apples Oranges.” Since the label is wrong, it must have one or the other. Really simple stuff that you learn your first year in college. It had just been too long since college and I had forgotten even the basics. To make the story short, I could not answer even the most basic accounting questions. If you can break a problem down into smaller pieces, stay calm, and get an answer that’s not perfect but reasonably close, you’ve done great. They just want to see how you approach something that’s very difficult. The bulb that is still warm but not lit up is controlled by switch 2. The hiring manager is going to look at how you work your way through it and attempt to figure it out.Do you think you’ve got what it takes to outsmart the world’s wittiest minds?There are tons of great riddles out there and you could easily come up with your own. If you had 20 coins, and 18 were heads, you’d need to take 18 of them (it doesn’t matter which) into a separate pile and flip those 18. If you had 10 coins and 3 were heads, you’d take 3 random coins into a new pile and flip those 3 for your first pile, and the rest are your second pile. If you don’t believe me just grab some pennies and try it. All lights are off to begin, and you can’t see into one room from the other. How can you find out which switches are connected to which bulbs? I talk a lot about how to do this and why it’s important in my job interview answers guide. You need to determine which switch controls which bulb. There are a lot of questions in an interview where the hiring manager values your thought process. If you’re stumped, talk out loud a bit and explain what you’re thinking. Show them this and you have a great shot at getting hired!


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