Qualities Of A Good Citizen Essay

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Most schools have civic education programmes that emphasize citizenship activities.

Students study current affairs, Pakistan history and Pakistan studies.

A person possesses civic rights, such as the right to worship or pray as he pleases, from the day he is born.

In return for these rights, each citizen owes allegiance to his country.

(HINT: start by writing the opposite of the good citizen characteristics).

The word Citizenship comes from the Latin word “Civitas”, meaning citizens “United in a community”.Shade in the grid to represent the marks you have awarded.Add one more characteristic and mark at the bottom of the table.Not all persons living under the same flag are citizens.Persons who are not citizens may be either aliens or non-citizen nationals.‘Aliens’ are person tries who have not become citizens of their new countries, “Non-Citizen nationals” are persons who are not citizens of a country but owe allegiance to it.The government protects them, but they do not have the full privileges of citizens.He/she listens to the views of others and thinks about what they have to say.He/she helps people who are not in a position to help themselves. He/she is always willing to learn Look carefully at the selection of good citizen characteristics listed below.Citizenship involves both civic and political rights, as well as civic and political duties.The constitution of the country guarantees “civil rights” to all its citizens.


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