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Marital rape has broadly been sub-divided into three categories, namely (1) rapes involving a degree of violence (2) Rape involving force only and (3) Sadistic rape in which in addition to actual rape, the victim is forced to do acts designed to further humiliate herself.

When you hear the word "rape," what do you think of?

The fourth is Marital Rape, forcible sex between two people who are legally married.

The Final is Gang Rape, which is when a group of men attack a defenseless or inebriated victim and force sexual intercourse against her will.

For example we’ve coined many phrases such as: they could have fought back. Considering that women can be the perpetrator in this sexual assault, who are their victims. In the same way a female can be a victim of rape, so can a male.

According to RAINN, an anti-sexual assault organization, “About 3% of American men have experienced attempted or completed rape as of 1998, an estimated 4.5 million as of 2010” (Who Are the Victims? [tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Abuse] - Sexual assault and rape are terrifying, violent crimes and represent a serious problem in society.Acts like Title IX and Violence Against Women Act can be enforced further more at colleges.Also, the staff and students can help prevent rape from happening; especially coaches and leaders of fraternities can inform athletes and fraternity brothers about rape because they are usually the perpetrators in rape situations....The term marital rape may be defined as “unwanted intercourse by a man on his wife obtained by force, threat of force or physical violence or when she is unable to give consent for it.” The term ‘unwanted intercourse’ refers to all sorts of penetration whether vaginal, anal or oral, perpetrated against the wife’s will or without her consent.It may be argued against ‘marital rape’ as an offence, that consequent to marriage between the spouses, the husband acquires an unquestionable right to intercourse with his wife and it is her duty to submit to his wishes.The second is Forcible Rape, unlawful sexual intercourse with a female by force and against her will, or without her legal consent.Next is Date Rape also known as Acquaintance Rape, unlawful sexual intercourse that occurs in the context of the dating relationship or by someone you know.This right cannot be retracted by the wife as husband acquires it by mutual matrimonial consent.However, in US the women activists apposed this age-old traditional view and raised their voice for elimination of marital rape exemption clause on the ground of gender equality.If you imagine a stranger jumping out of the bushes on a dark night and attacking someone, you are only partly right because most rapes are not committed by strangers, but by men who know their victims, who often have gone out with them previously and are supposedly their friends.This phenomenon is called "acquaintance" or "date" rape.


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