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Factors such as a country's cultural tendency toward egalitarianism or meritocracy, whether the political system is centralized or decentralized, and the degree to…In Germany, parents can request counseling and assessment of school-related learning and behavioral issues from either independent counseling centers or school-based ones.

Empirical research on the efficacy of programs for gifted students could be used to guide policy decisions and make sure gifted students are also not "left behind".

There are three self-contained essays in this dissertation.

Results showed that gifted children's emotional intelligence scores were higher post--spiritual education program…The REAPS model is a teaching and learning model that places students in real-world problem solving, engaging students in active learning.

The Ruamano Project was funded by the Teacher Led Innovation Fund, a New Zealand Ministry of Education initiative that supports teams of teachers to develop innovative practices for improving learning outcomes.…This study seeks to investigate the body of literature generated in the Australasian Journal of Gifted Education from the establishment of the journal in 1992 until 2013, focusing on the research field in order to understand its research foci, the rigor of research generated, and how events in the Australian context can influence the type of…In the last two decades, one can see the widespread acceptance of the importance of teaching critical thinking (CT) as a 21st-century competency for all students from primary to graduate school.

At the same time, tighter budgets are now forcing cuts in the funding of gifted education programs.

The purpose of this dissertation is to inform education policy by providing evidence of the effect that gifted education has on the student achievement of both participants and their typical peers.D.; Lucas, Brittany; Swanson, Rachel; Claiborn, Grace J.– Gifted and Talented International, 2017This comprehensive literature review (CLR) is an analysis and synthesis of literature, observations, interviews, and artifacts as a means to answer the question, "Why is Iceland so innovative?Unfortunately, most studies present OEs outside of the context of the original theory as if they were standalone traits applicable to gifted…Identity formation is particularly challenging for stigmatized minorities.The minority stress model (MSM) posits that both negative stereotypes and their internalization represent stressors.The second essay (Chapter 3) uses a more detailed dataset to analyze a specific anonymous school district's gifted education programs.In theory, the impact that gifted education programs have on participants is made up of several factors.Variations in creativity have also been studied among different academic disciplines, suggesting that although there may be higher levels of creativity for some, major choice is a complex…This article reports one component of a longitudinal multilayered research project originating from a unique partnership between a university and a selective secondary school in Victoria, Australia.One hundred and twenty-five Year 10 academically able students at the school completed a survey at two different times to investigate a range of…Educational policies and practices are influenced by cultural, political, and economic factors, and this is also true of specialized educational approaches such as gifted education.Finally, the grouping of gifted students may yield positive peer effects, which would boost student achievement outcomes.The goal of this paper is to decompose the total impact of gifted education programs into each of the individual parts in order to determine what factors are most important for the effectiveness of gifted programs.


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