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In fact, certain entries have limited cross-references based on the fact that there were limited, if any, scholarly publications on that topic.Only since the 1990s have scholars admitted that violence exists among lesbians and gay males.

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There is no one particular society or religious group exempt from victimization.

A variety of developed and developing countries were examined in understanding the prevalence of domestic violence within their societies as well as their coping strategies in handling these volatile issues.

It is often misunderstood that one religious group is more tolerant of family violence than another.

As Christianity, Islam, and Judaism represent the three major religions of the world, their ideologies were explored in relation to the acceptance and prevalence of domestic violence.

Thus, here the definition of violence is limited to interpersonal aggressive behaviors or criminal acts committed by elementary, junior high and senior high school students that hold back student development and harm the school environment as well.

Historically schools have been considered haven from the violence that usually occurs on the streets and homes, and therefore a vast majority of parents were not scared of sending their children to school, but a widespread increase in schools violence grounded in the 1990s brought substantial attention to the problem and the understanding that schools are no longer safe sanctuary from violent crime.

Thereafter, it was acknowledged that unmarried women were also falling victim to violence at the hands of their boyfriends.

Subsequently, the term ‘‘battered women’’ became synonymous with ‘‘battered wives.’’ Legitimizing female victimization served as the catalyst in introducing other types of intimate partner violence. Part 2: Research Paper Topics on There is no single causal factor related to domestic violence.

Behavior that contravene the educational mission of the school. Behavior that jeopardizes the ability of the school to be aggression free against property or persons and also free of weapons, drugs, disorders and disruptions.

(Delbert & Beatrix, 2000)This wide scale definition of violence is practical in planning and implementing preventative plans of action, but is too big an undertaking for a solitary discussion on school violence.


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