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This makes spouses and children remain to be in search of temporary happiness in order to deal with these emotional changes.Among teenagers (children), they engage in aggressive behaviors such as drugs.

More so, challenging events affecting couples such as natural disasters and separation resulting from work conditions such as deployment of military are associated with the elevated rates of divorce among the affected couples.

I will perform a systematic review of literature on the effect military deployment has on marriage to answer the following research questions.

This leads to an increase in arguments within the family. Many children demonstrate regressive behaviors due to the change in relationships between parents (Karney, 2007).

During deployment (after the military officer leaves), the family experiences mixed emotions of anger, relief, loneliness, feelings of overwhelm and as well sadness.

In United States, the average length of deployments is 12-15 months. More deployments are done, and the length of deployments has also changed.

As a result, more families are facing the effects of deployment.During the deployment period, both military officers and families experience a sequence of emotional changes (Karney, 2007).Emotional changes that they experience results from a sequence of situational changes they go through.Marriages under stress face challenges in communicating than couples relatively free from stress (Karney, 2007).On the other hand, couples facing chronic difficulties such as financial strain are at higher risks of facing divorce as compared to couples under supportive environments.Emotional changes begin from notification of deployment to post deployment (officer’s return, resetting and getting back to pre-deployment).Pre-deployment is the period between notifications of the deployment to deployment period.During this period, it not only brings a feeling of anticipation of loss but also denial to the leaving military officers.The officers face a change in the daily schedule as he is required to train for more hours ads he tries to have his family affairs in order.This implies that they their responsibilities of looking after their family members.In United States, at least 1.86 million children have either both of their parents working as military officers.


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