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Now French political speculation is not free from either of these defects.The great body of French political literature contains much that is good and admirable; but after a few standard names are excepted, it will be found that the writers in that branch have loaded it with superficial virtues, which scarcely hide its deeper and graver vices.

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Renan leaves the Semitic languages and the battle-grounds of Biblical history, to write scholarly and thoughtful essays on the questions of the hour.

Tame forsakes art and artists, and assails universal suffrage.

In politics, as in every other department of life, the clashing of thought is sometimes a proof of disease, but always a promise of reform.

But politics has this feature almost uniquely; it has relation to one of the most important concerns of practical life, and therefore its abstract principles are also rules for the conduct of men. Hence one of the most attractive of subjects may become one of the most pernicious, when carried too far or in the wrong direction.

It was also during this time that SA Communist Party leader Chris Hani was assassinated in his Gauteng home in April 1993.

With fresh fears of a retaliation civil war, Mandela called for calm, urging South Africans to stand together and not destroy what Hani had given his life for.

As Mandela took the oath to serve the Republic, his famous words echoed throughout the world.

"Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another and suffer the indignity of being the skunk of the world.” Arguably the biggest task of his presidency was delivering the country’s new constitution, a document that is the cornerstone of this democracy and the envy of the world.

This has been the case uninterruptedly since the Revolution; but it has become doubly apparent since the last great social and political convulsions.

Those events serve at once to furnish the text and to point the moral.


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