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Others might make it the whole population, based on the assumption that even people who didn’t go to the movies during that time period could still choose to go tomorrow.. I would divide a theater’s tickets sold per month or year by the total tickets sold in the whole area for a month or year.So for example, if this theater sold 30,000 tickets last year and all the theaters in the area sold 100,000, then this theater had a 30 percent share.I still remember one that started with a graveyard and a claim on the percentage of deaths that could be reduced by a new device. Some people lose track of what’s important for planning the marketing—targeting, messaging, etc.—while thinking this part of a business plan is all about getting detailed numbers for your whole market, target market, market segments, and so forth.

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A plan for a video game that helps autistic children starts with the story of a specific child and his parents.

A pitch for a new medical technology starts with two aging baby boomers.

Today, market information is a matter of sifting, sorting, digesting, figuring out what’s important, and giving it context.

If the past was about needles and haystacks, today it’s about finding the right needle in a mountain of needles.

I don’t like acronyms and buzzwords that confuse real meaning.

The details depend on the industry and the specific nature of the business plan event, or why you need your plan.Divide a population by income and you have a different segmentation, sometimes called economic segmentation, useful for lots of businesses.Auto retailers, restaurants, travel agencies, and sellers of luxury goods, to cite a few examples, might set strategy and tactics based on this segmentation. Some creative segmentation schemes are based on psychographics, which are collections of personalities, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles.Planning is to guide your decisions and make your business better—not to just find research numbers.For example, I dealt with a person who was going crazy trying to divide businesses into categories of annual revenue, which is impossible, instead of just defining categories by numbers of employees, which is easy to find.You might also want to look at married or single, and maybe married or divorced, and other possible variables.And you could also focus on one gender in one age classification and only those married or not, focusing on several factors at once.And ultimately, in terms of information to use for running a business, dividing businesses into size categories based on numbers of employees is just as useful as dividing them into size categories based on total revenue.Few marketing concepts are more powerful than segmentation, which is about dividing a market into meaningful pieces.I find the idea behind psychographics intriguing; for instance, knowing that somebody drives a certain type of car can help you predict other seemingly unrelated preferences.So, a man driving a pickup truck might be likely to wear cowboy boots rather than Birkenstock sandals, and a woman driving a Volvo station wagon is more likely to buy organic spinach than fried chicken. I don’t like stereotypes so the idea makes me uncomfortable, but it seems to work for goods and marketing.


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