Santa Claus Story Essay

These two combination of colours make one a symbol of many praise-worthy qualities.In India, the children who are awarded the national bravery award, Sanjay Chopra award for boys and Geeta Chopra award for girls, wear Red & White, which denotes colour of courage.

Some of your friends might have even told you that there is no Santa.

A lot of children think that, because they aren't ready to BE a Santa yet, but YOU ARE ...

Only a Grinch would enjoy breaking the news about Santa to a hopeful little one — it's a conversation no parent wants to have.

But, someday, they're going to start doubting Santa's magic, and it's good to be ready for what will be one of many tricky conversations you'll get to navigate as a parent.

Dictionary says that Santa Claus is the father of Christmas.

From the very name one can visualize a tall, fat, old man, very amusing and active like a youth, grinning from ear to ear, with a thicker middle, wearing a blood red robe, bordered by white colour, carrying a bag full of gifts on his back to distribute to the children on the eve of the Christmas festival that falls on December 25, every year.

"When a child starts asking if Santa Claus is real, most parents I know — myself included — either say 'of course,' or redirect the question to not quite answer it," says Emily Edlynn, Ph. "When a child is satisfied with this, even if they start to have doubts, they may not be ready to stop believing.

When a child says something along the lines of, 'Santa isn't real, is he?

We then have the child choose someone they know — a neighbor, usually. While its exact origins are unclear, the little essay has circulated online forums for years, and before popping up in that viral Facebook post (where you can read more details about the mom's technique for revealing the Santa truth): that she doesn't know where it came from, but "I wish I could say I had thought of it myself ― it's pretty brilliant!

The child's mission is to secretly, deviously, find out something that the person needs, and then provide it, wrap it, deliver it — and never reveal to the target where it came from. " Since she has two sons, she wants to her children enjoy Santa at first but eventually learn that the holiday involves more than just presents.


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