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She began by taking Spanish lessons and became frustrated that people automatically assumed that since she is Spanish, she should know how to speak the language.

Tanya Maria Barrientos wrote the essay "Se Habla Espanol" in order to express her struggle with accepting her heritage with pride, as well as her struggle with being a Latin woman who did not speak Spanish.

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'" Her mother replied that her children will be one of the most successful in their class.

This experience really played an essential role in Barrientos life as she felt even more embarrassed of her heritage, and her desire to suppress it was growing.

From pure observation she related speaking Spanish, with being poor.

Between her friends and her family, she felt like she was fighting alone in the strive to be a part of her hidden culture.

She was very surprised that she did indeed enjoy Mexico and the culture which led her to a new dilemma. This made her want to learn the language and embrace her culture a little more. His teacher at the academy include Felix Parra, Jose Maria Velasco, and Santiago Rebull. One day, as I was speaking on the phone to my best friend Tanya, and I began to ask her how her day went. Apparently, Tanya had told her mother-in-law a fib, but sense it was so seldom that she cooked her mother-in-law insisted that Tonya tell her all about her cooking experience.

In the essay, "Se Habla Espanol," Tanya Barrientos explains how speaking Spanish had a negative impact on her, but not knowing Spanish made her feel American. In the article, "Se Habla Espanol," Tanya Barrientos says that her parents "declared that their two children would speak nothing but ingles. Barrientos states, "to me, speaking Spanish translated to being poor. Refusing to speak Spanish gave Barrientos the feeling of being superior and American. In addition to gender expectations, culture can determine the prospects with which a child is rais... Tanya had gone so far into detail, tangling herself deeper and deeper into her web, that she began to believe herself.


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