Shawshank Redemption Essay Introduction

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At its beginning, the film involves some scenes of the night of the murder by providing a recreation of events throughout the trial being held in a court room.

The movie is presented as a relating of Andy’s life in prison being told by Ellis Redding- “Red”, a felon inmate, who becomes Andy’s true companion and loyal friend.

However, the corrupt prison authorities are not done with Andy yet; they want to continue laundering money.

Therefore, the Warden has Tommy killed with escape being used as a cover.

Shawshank is a prison, and the name redemption is used to capture the hope in the movie.

Hope sheds light in Andy’s life, and he struggles for two decades knowing that he will escape from prison and become successful.This is done to kill Andy’s hope, but this does not break Andy’s will of escape; the prison could not take hope away from him.Andy hopes to live in a famous Pacific coastal town, in Mexico.To do so, Andy goes from being an honest, moral man to a crook who used all his knowledge and skills as a mechanism of defense.The protagonist manages to gain Norton’s and the institutional guard’s respect; thus, he contributes to the progress of inmates and plays a key role in the prison community.He knows he will escape from prison, and, at one time, he tells Red that he is very hopeful for this dream. Eventually, this dream comes to be, and Red, after his release, goes to seek help from Andy in the named Mexican town.Andy’s great reserve of patience and fortitude helps him succeed. Norton’s word of abuse and corruption, he claims redemption, but not before he manages to unveil the cruelties, abuse and corrupt business being held within Shawshank.Andy believes that the prison can deny him freedom, but prison can not deny him hope; in fact, hope is the only thing that cannot be taken from someone.For instance, Andy tells Red that he listens to Mozart in his head.This is because he has dug the tunnel for close to two decades; this is a very ambitious escapade.By this time, Andy has accumulated enough money to help him start a new life.


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