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Brand names and trademarks are typically capitalized, but some have unusual capitalizations (i Pad, e Bay, Taylor Made, adidas).Refer to dictionaries and to company guidelines or Internet sources for correct capitalization and spelling.And when rules are followed, the manuscript will have consistency; if you don’t know the rules, it’s likely that you won’t make the same choices consistently throughout a story.

To start off, I will point out that there is no need to anything in a novel manuscript.

Writers used to underline text where they intended italics, but because it’s now so easy to see and find and identify italics, underlining is no longer necessary, not for fiction manuscripts.

Note that home pages of websites may feature decorative text; look at pages with corporate details for correct information.

You may make a style decision and capitalize such words according to established rules, and that would be a valid decision.

Yet a name is a name, and spelling or capitalizing it the way its creators intended may well be the better choice. Items in the following categories need neither italics nor quotation marks (unless italics or quotation marks are an intrinsic part of the title).

This is only a very short list, but most named nouns are treated similarly.Thanks to today’s computer keyboards, we now have access to italics.So we need a sensible plan for when to use them and when to use quotation marks.But when a title is not used as a name—the president is young, the pastor can sing—no capitalization is required.Nouns are typically the words that you’ll capitalize, but not all nouns are capitalized. So Fido is capitalized, but dog is not; Aunt Margaret (used as a name) is capitalized, but my aunt is not; my aunt Margaret gets a mix of capitalization.Titles of plays, long and short, are generally italicized.Titles of poems and shorter works of fiction are generally in quotation marks.The following sentence illustrates the principle: Richard Burton performed the song “Camelot” in the 1960 Broadway musical .(Note: with ships, do not italicize prefixes such as USS or HMS.) Quotation marks are customary for components, such as chapter titles in a book, individual episodes of a TV series, songs on a music album, and titles of articles or essays in print or manufacturers General Motors, Volkswagen, Toyota car brands or divisions: Buick, Chevrolet car names: Riviera, Touareg, Camry restaurants: Chili’s, Sally’s Place, Chuck’s Rib House scriptures and revered religious books: the Bible, Koran, the Book of Common Prayer books of the Bible: Genesis, Acts, the Gospel according to Matthew wars and battles: Korean War, Russian Revolution, the Battle of Antietam, the Battle of Hastings companies: Coca-Cola, Amazon, Barclays, Nokia product names: Coke, Kleenex, Oreo shops: Dolly’s Delights, Macy’s, Coffee House museums, schools and colleges: the High Museum, the Hermitage, Orchard Elementary School, the University of Notre Dame houses of worship: First Baptist Church of Abbieville, the Cathedral of St. So we’re talking book, movie, song, and TV show titles; titles of newspapers and magazines and titles of articles in those newspapers and magazines; titles of artwork and poems. Not brand names of vehicles but names of individual craft: spaceships, airships, ships, and trains.Philip, Temple Sinai, City Center Community Masjid Note: There is much more to capitalization, yet that topic requires an article (or five) of its own. But which titles get quotation marks and which get italics?


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