Solving 2 Step Word Problems

Solving 2 Step Word Problems-74
Finally, they were ready to try the process on their own.They worked through the word problems just like they did with their buddy.

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And because their buddy was still sitting right by them, they could also double check if they had an issue.

My orange soda smelly marker check was their ticket to move on to math centers.

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Next week we’ll be working on word problems in my classroom.

One of my tasks is to teach my students how to solve problems with more than one step.

We will begin by going through a couple as a class.

Our goal is to independently solve one by the end of the week.

First, I reviewed with my class how to solve regular word problems.

I’ve taught them the strategy, “Circle, Circle, Underline” (circle information and underline what they want them to do figure out) to help zero in on the important stuff.


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