Solving Problems With Percents

Solving Problems With Percents-73
00% = x : .39 50/100 = x / .39 x=.70 rounded off to the nearest penny In this example, you have paid .70 per box of cereal and you have also saved .69 per box of cereal.

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Solving Problems With Percents

Since this is a TEKS readiness skill and a skill with heavy real-world application, I think that it is important to spend several days covering it.

Regardless of whether or not the percentage number is less than or greater than 100, the denominator of the fraction is always 100 Here are some examples: The conversion of percentages into decimal numbers is done by moving the percentage number's decimal place 2 places to the left.

As previously discussed, dividing by 100 can be done simply by moving the decimal place two places to the left.

Here is an example of how I would sequence the skill over the course of a couple of days.

Typically, I give students three problems that are very similar and ask them, “Are we solving for the part, for the whole, or for the percent?


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