Speech About Misleading Advertising Essay

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This makes an item look cheaper than it is once the shipping cost is added.Many hotels charge mandatory "resort fees" that are not typically included in the advertised base price of the room.

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There are also non-meat fillers which may look starchy in their makeup; they are high in carbohydrate and low in nutritional value.

One example is known as a cereal binder and usually contains some combination of flours and oatmeal.

When the US United Egg Producers' used an "Animal Care Certified" logo on egg cartons, the Better Business Bureau argued that it misled consumers by conveying a higher sense of animal care than was actually the case.

"Better" means one item is superior to another in some way, while "best" means it is superior to all others in some way.

Advertisers for weight loss products may also employ athletes who are recovering from injuries for "before and after" demonstrations. The ad's claims may be technically true, but the ad does not include information that a reasonable person would consider relevant.

For example, TV advertisements for prescription drugs may technically fulfill a regulatory requirement by displaying side-effects in a small font at the end of the ad, or have a "speed-talker" list them.

In an inconsistent comparison, an item is compared with many others, but only compared with each on the attributes where it wins, leaving the false impression that it is the best of all products, in all ways.

One variation on this theme is web sites which also list some competitor prices for any given search, but do not list those competitors which beat their price (or the web site might compare their own sale prices with the regular prices offered by their competitors).

The words "diet, low fat, sugar-free, healthy and good for you" are labels a consumer may see often on packaging, and thus associate these labels with products that will aid in a healthy lifestyle.

It seems advertisers are aware of the need to live healthier and longer, so they adapt their products in accordance.


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