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Activity in both hemispheres during language processing is more observed among women than among men.

However, both genders performed equally on the same task such as sounding out words while reading.

The temporal lobe is a region of the cerebral cortex that is located beneath the lateral fissure on both cerebral hemispheres of the brain. The function includes processing information relating to the sense of touch, temperature and pressure. You might ask, “Are men and women Brains different? The part of the brain responsible for regulating sexual behavior, is bigger and more active in men than it is in women.

The temporal lobes are involved in the retention of visual memories, processing sensory input, comprehending language, storing new memories, emotion, and deriving meaning. Portions of the corpus callosum are denser in women than in men, indicating that women integrate more information coming from both sides of the brain.

It is suggested that on the hypothesis of mental duality this is understandable, for the nonverbal hemisphere would have known prior to the surgery that it is not generating linguistic behavior.

Finally, the essay examines two kinds of bitemporal defects, one due to callosal and the other to chiasmal disruptions.The right brain is effectively uncontrolled by human being after the split and will be ready for takeover by another human that does not really belong to.If that happens, there will be a second personality, and conflicts.Chapter 2 Brain and Behavior The cerebral cortex outer layer of the cerebrum has the two largest hemispheres that covers the upper part of the brain which are divided into smaller portion called lobes.Corticalization is an increase in size of the wrinkling of the cortex and without this we would not be any smarter than any other animal.The corpus callosum is cut, to control severe epilepsy (seizure disorder), but this operation is rare and is Wernicke’s area is also an area in the brain related to language comprehension, which is located in the temporal Lobes.Once this area is damaged, the person has problems with meanings of words, NOT pronunciation.Split-brain is a lay term to describe the result when the corpus callosum connecting the two halves of the brain is severed to some degree.The surgical operation to produce this condition is called corpus callosotomy.BELOW THAT YOU NEED TO ANSWER THIS PERSONS ARTICLE WITH 100 WORDS.WRITE ANSWER : According to the non-branching theory, identical persons are those who are psychologically continuous with one another and whose causal connection has not branched.


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