Strong Argumentative Essay Topics

To write an effective argumentative essay, you need to know what a good one looks like.In addition to a solid structure, you’ll need an argument, a strong thesis, and solid research.Your parents are more likely to respond positively to the second argument because it demonstrates that you have done something to earn the increased allowance.

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The Rogerian model analyzes two sides of an argument and reaches a conclusion after weighing the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Both essay styles rely on well-reasoned logic and supporting evidence to prove a point, just in two different ways.

But not all argumentative essay topics are created equal.

Not only do you have to structure your essay right to have a good impact on the reader, but even your choice of subject can impact how readers feel about your work.

The Toulmin model is the most common, comprised of an introduction with a claim (otherwise known as a thesis), with data to support it.

Strong Argumentative Essay Topics

This style of essay will also include rebuttals, helping to strengthen your argument by anticipating counterarguments.You’ll need to develop a good argument, which encompasses not just your main point, but also all the pieces that make it up.Think beyond what you are saying and include how you’re saying it.At some point, you’re going to be asked to write an argumentative essay.An argumentative essay is exactly what it sounds like—an essay in which you’ll be making an argument, using examples and research to back up your point.Unlike other forms of essays, you are trying to convince your reader of something.You’re not just teaching them a concept or demonstrating an idea—you’re constructing an argument to change the readers’ thinking.How will you take an idea and turn it into a complex and well thought out argument that is capable of changing somebody’s mind? What specific message are you trying to get across?State that message in one sentence, and that will be your thesis.The important thing to note about argumentative essays as opposed to other kinds of essays is that they aim to argue a specific point rather than to explain something or to tell a story.While they may have some things in common with analytical essays, the primary difference is in their objective—an argumentative essay aims to convince someone of something, whereas an analytical essay contextualizes a topic with research.


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