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The essays in this volume emerged from a conference uniting scholars working on diverse aspects of this rich Lutheran culture of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.Supplement 11 Table of Contents About Archives are the factories and laboratories of the historian.Therefore, the Supplemental Essay should always come from a place of strength, even when writing about very difficult circumstances in your life.

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Supplement 10 Europe to the popularization of new heritage industries after the Second World War, efforts to conserve and protect a collective inheritance have been a crucial field for articulating new forms of cultural identity, community and belonging.

This volume reconsiders how, why and in what guises these diverse conservation practices emerged, grew and interrelated in a global perspective.

Too often we mine the documentary sources they house without scrutinizing the decisions about selection, arrangement, preservation and retention taken by those responsible for the care of their contents over successive generations.

We still fall into the trap of approaching them as if they provide a transparent window through which we can view societies remote from us in time.

You might have had times during your education or employment when you needed to prioritize aspects of life other than school or work. In fact, applicants where it seems like every part of their life has gone exactly as planned can raise red flags.

Graduate programs are looking for ‘ideal’ applicants who can manage the obstacles of a rigorous academic program.This will also be available and will be, like the journal, fully searchable.Proposals We welcome detailed proposals for possible future Supplements.This Supplement issues a call for deeper critical awareness of the ways in which archives construct the history that we write.It provokes further discussion and debate about the conceptual and methodological problems that hinder our attempts to reconstruct past societies.The focus of the essay should be where you are now and how the experience has better prepared you for graduate studies.If you had a difficult time adjusting to college life, don’t spend most of the essay writing about your struggles.Please contact Publications Editor Peter Coss on [email protected] If you are interested in ordering any of the supplements please fill Table of Contents About This supplement about the Global Middle Ages, but it is not just for medievalists.Supplement series was launched in 2006 to provide a forum for publishing the proceedings of Past and Present conferences and other symposia, and collections of essays reflective of the broad themes and ethos of the journal itself.One volume will appear every year, which will be sent out free to subscribers, but which can also be purchased by non-subscribers as a book.


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