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New Jersey’s Act requires any person intending to engage in the act of tattooing, body piercing or other body art to have completed an apprenticeship under the direct supervision of a practitioner in order to learn body art procedures.

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In addition, New Jersey requires that an operator of a body art establishment to have at least 12 months experience in the operation of a tattooing facility.

There are many other requirements that must be submitted to the State for review and approval, but that is not the purpose of this article.

You will certainly want to evaluate your obligations under laws to employees, such as providing medical insurance and other employee benefits, and compliance with payroll deductions and taxes.

You may also want to consider establishing shop employment policies and procedures for hiring and terminating employees, for the compliance with any local or State health safety and hygiene requirements to maintain your license or permit, and for the protection of your confidential client records and business information.

However, it will require proper planning by you and some hard work and expense to open an establishment.

Do not be discouraged as many have come before you, but do take the time to investigate how best to go about your new adventure, and to plan for success.

I would also recommend employment contracts for your apprentices.

While I recognize that some States do not enforce restrictive covenants, a restrictive covenant in an employment contract with an apprentice may further protect you and your business from unscrupulous apprentices or unfair competition.

Unless you are purchasing a property to open your shop, chances are you will need to lease space and negotiate favorable terms with a landlord.

There are potential perils in negotiating the wrong terms for a lease, as you may face liability to a landlord for rent if your shop fails.


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