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No matter which way you decide to go, being consistent with your consequences is key. In fact, don’t make anything homework related a hassle. I use a simple checklist where they can simply mark if a student did or didn’t complete their homework. However, I do go over homework as a group every single day.

My next 4 tips are going to explain more about how to do this. You don’t have time to spend each morning asking each student to show you their homework. They aren’t checking for correctness, just completion. By doing this, I save lots of time and still use my homework effectively. Starting the first day of school, I explain that there is no penalty for getting a problem wrong and that there is only a penalty if they don’t try!

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Managing homework is definitely something that many teachers struggle with. Try not to jump all over the place and pull random worksheets out. I NEVER give my students homework on something I just taught them.

If you need special stuff for a project, make sure to tell your parents to get it for you well in advance.

Hopefully, the homework tips on this page will help you, your students, and their parents to be proactive and effective.Whether students turn in their homework or not is definitely something I keep track of. Pick the areas you feel your students need the most support/practice/review. Aim to give your students a handful of review problems for each core subject (ie.Math, Reading, etc.) These assignments should only take about 10-15 minutes each. Giving too much homework can actually be less effective and just frustrate parents and students.As soon as I know their work is not with them, I call home.I have found that this consequence drastically limits the amount of missed homework.The homework tips presented on this page are targeted at the three key people who are most directly involved--you, as the teacher, the kids in your classes, and the parents who must deal with them at home.Although parents recognize the long-term benefits of homework, they aren’t any happier about the daily struggle to get it done.First, I have told my students that I will call home and speak with their parent if homework is missed.A lot of times, students care more about this kind of consequence than they do about sitting out or working through lunch.Poorly-educated parents may have trouble being good mentors.Think about using a weekend morning or afternoon for working on big projects, especially if the project involves getting together with classmates.


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