Technology Is A Boon Or Bane Essay

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The vast data was previously kept in files; and handling of such files was another difficult task because with the passage of time, there was a danger of records being spoiled.

But computers have helped us to secure our data and retrieve it quickly and easily rather than search dust racked files.

Because of India’s cheap, fast and best services, foreign MNCs are getting attracted towards India.

The Business Process and Outsourcing (BPO) sector has generated large number of employment opportunities in India.

Whether we have to undergo a minor surgery take admission in a foreign institution, collected geographical information of any region, check the results of any examination, transfer money form one bank account to another, send and email, want to have chat with anybody in an corner of the world or want to search for the life partner of our choice, the Internet is the fastest and cheapest way to do so.

There are many search engines in the Internet like ‘yahoo search’ and ‘Google search’ which help us to search information which we need. At that time, the rate for an incoming calls was Rs 16 per minute whereas for an out going call, it was Rs 32 per minute.Security, nowadays, is the matter of topmost concern for every department, especially for defence forces.So now security of secret data is on high risk, particularly for armed forces since terrorists are trying their secret files.Consequently, India is becoming the biggest service provider in this sector.Developed countries like the US, are bound to depend on India because of India’s cheap and fast service.These hackers are intelligent thrives who can break into the records of any company and steal it thought the Internet by sitting anywhere in the world.Some of them are so intelligent that they can activate the missile of a country just sitting tin their own country through the Internet.Hacking is a matter of serious concern in the IT industry.It is not possible to steal data for ordinary thieves but for hackers.All this, I feel, is enough for us to realize that IT has entered into our day-to-day life.Induction of IT in India Today, India is well know globally for its deep-rooted knowledge in the field of Information Technology.


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