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Keep checking back to see the newly revised prompts as they are introduced here!

Keep checking back to see the newly revised prompts as they are introduced here!

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In our case for grammar, a splice, a comma splice is an inappropriate joining of two independent clauses by using a comma.

So Rosie, this is Li'l Tony, Crime Fighting Pony. - [Voiceover] So for example, in this sentence, I love Li'l Tony 2: Pony Up 2 the Streets, it's my favorite movie in the Li'l Tony franchise, a very fine series of non-existent films.

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- [Voiceover] Right, the comma's being used but we need some bigger punctuation in place of the comma, something like a semicolon, in order to make a distinction between those two independent clauses.

- [Voiceover] So that is how you identify and fix run-ons and comma splices. preciou- [Voiceover] Hello grammarians, hello Rosie! So we've got number one, we bought nails, number two, we bought a hammer. So Rosie what is a good example of a run-on sentence? - [Voiceover] Yeah, so we can see that this sentence contains two individual, independent clauses.And Rosie, you will notice that I have underlined these titles. - [Voiceover] Because these are the names of published works, even though we made them up. - [Voiceover] But okay, but for real I would love to see like a Li'l Tony, Crime Fighting Pony series. - [Voiceover] So to review, when you're looking at a run-on, you're looking at two independent clauses that are together in one sentence, that are joined inappropriately without punctuation or conjunctions. There's not really a place to know where the division between clauses is in that, and so the thing to do is either to add some kind of, is to add a comma and a conjunction, or to combine them using a semicolon.The same deal with a comma splice, it's just that a comma splice is a run-on that hasn't been fixed all the way.On occasion, I do revise or update a lesson here at Writing Fix.I also add new student samples to many posted lessons.So that's what a run-on sentence is, and now I wanna talk about comma splicing.And the word splice, not a super-common term if you are neither a sailor or a film editor.The problem with this sentence is that right now it's got this comma in the middle of it, and this comma inappropriately joins these two independent clauses.Oh, and this whole time I forgot to say two independent clauses inappropriately joined by a comma.


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