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In fact, in my case, it looks like all those Christians who say that sending your kids to college will expose them to people with dangerous worldviews were absolutely right. Following a voice alien to me in many ways, I took a step outside my comfort zone.And I’m a better writer — and maybe even a better person — for it.

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As this complete collection of her short stories demonstrates, Dorothy Parker’s talents extended far beyond brash one-liners and clever rhymes.

Her stories not only bring to life the urban milieu that was her bailiwick but lay bare the uncertainties and disappointments of ordinary people living ordinary lives.

Many of these stories are wonderfully sarcastic (the best ones are about rich New Yorkers lamenting how terribly difficult their lives are) with great descriptions like this one:"The apartment was of many rooms, each light, high, and honorably square.

Each, with its furnishings, might one day be moved intact to the American wing of some museum, labeled, 'Room in Dwelling of Well-to-Do Merchant, New York, Circa Truman Administration'; and spectators, crowded behind the velvet rope which prevents their actual entrance, might murmur, according to their schools of thought, either, 'Ah, it's darling! '"and of course, Parker's trademark lines are present as well:"It was a big factor in Dr.

Other personal topics that show up in her reviews include romantic highs and lows, vacations, and hangovers.

She coyly attributes her lack of enthusiasm for two popular novels to being “a person in that state where she is afraid to turn around suddenly lest she see again a Little Mean Man about eighteen inches tall, wearing a yellow slicker and roller skates.” orothy Parker’s lifestyle is not the reason I make people study her work.It was a delightful surprise, therefore, to find this collection and discover that, yes, Dorothy Parker did do a lot of writing - and not just one-liners.Many of these stories are wonderfully sarcastic (the best ones are a For a very long time (read: just before finding this book) I wasn't completely sure that Dorothy Parker had ever written anything longer than a quote.All it took was opening a college literature textbook and seeing these words: I don’t want to dance with him. The narrator was every woman who’s ever smiled politely through a social ordeal while thinking unspeakable things, but this woman dared to speak them — if not to her hapless dance partner then at least to the millions of people who would read her work.The essay might have been several decades old, but to this reader, it felt revolutionary.(1976 edition, accept no substitutes) most often to the sections containing Parker’s reviews of books and plays.They are among the greatest reviews ever written, boldly weaving in the reviewer’s own personal thoughts and voice — just as essays like “The Waltz” did — and thus enhancing the power and piquancy of her opinions.Parker’s worldview may look naïve or misguided or both, but at least she was willing to acknowledge many of its weaknesses.That kind of willingness would serve us all well, whatever our views. Milne of : “Tonstant Weader fwowed up.”) But when she loved a piece of work, she could gush like a teenage fangirl.n the age of social media, when you can put your opinion of a movie or book out there and then watch it die the death of a thousand cuts, I remember how fearlessly Dorothy Parker expressed hers — and I keep on putting mine out there.Though she sometimes downplayed the importance of reviews as a genre, the casual brilliance she displayed in her own — the fact that she never phoned it in — makes me think that something in her knew that following the arts, having opinions about the arts, and talking about the arts really did matter.


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