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For my analysis of the film, I wove in quotations from other sources, such as Barbara Creed’s essay “Horror and the Monstrous-Feminine: An Imaginary Abjection” and Frank Manchel’s piece “What about Jack?Another Perspective on Family Relationships in Stanley Kubrick’s .” Unlike the secondary-source quotations in my high school papers, these quotations did not replace my conclusions but added to them. As in high school, when I finished writing, I gathered my sources in a works-cited list, stapled the paper together, and turned it in. “Joyce, Coleridge, and the Eastern Aesthetic.” Alice Yang Alice Yang is a student at Northwestern University and is spending her third year at Hertford College, University of Oxford.Just as in high school, I use peer-reviewed journals from online databases in my papers, but now I avoid relying on them heavily.

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According to research by Degree Query, 30 percent of students worldwide only go to a four-year college because they think it’s the natural progression after high school, and 23 percent only go because they think it’s what's expected from them.

Going to a four-year college is perfect for people who have a chosen career path that requires a bachelor’s degree, who want to pursue a master’s or professional degree later on or who want and can afford the college experience. There are a number of alternatives to getting a bachelor’s degree, including an associate’s degree from a two-year community college or a diploma, apprenticeship or certificate from a specialized trade or vocational school. If you want to avoid running up crazy student debt, community college can be a good place to start.

Hallways, filled with Virginia humidity, had a molasses quality to them.

I wrote my last high school paper then: an essay on Shakespeare’s .

In my papers, I view my secondary sources as a medium that allows me to converse with their authors.

So while I agreed with Said’s theory, I also addressed scholars who countered his argument.My process begins while I’m reading a text for class, weeks before my professor even mentions an essay assignment.I like to annotate the text, underlining passages, jotting down possible essay ideas, categorizing paragraphs thematically, and so on.In college, my well-oiled routine changed; my papers now consist largely of my own ideas and analysis.I still engage with secondary sources and include works-cited lists and other kinds of bibliographies in my essays.There’s no one size fits all when it comes to school.Before jumping into what could be thousands of dollars of debt and a useless major, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of going to a four-year college, trade school or community college.Instead of analyzing the texts myself, I’d quote the analyses of the secondary sources.At the end, I’d gather my citations in a works-cited list, staple the paper together, and turn it in.Each paragraph focused on a sentence where words and images had secondary meanings linked with orientalist theory.To reinforce my thesis, I tied in works like Edward Said’s .


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