Thesis On Alcoholism

The word alcohol comes from the Arabic “Al Kohl,” which means “the essence.” Alcohol has always been associated with rites of passages such as weddings and graduations, social occasions, sporting events and parties. Television viewers happily recount the Budweiser frog, the beach parties and general “good time” feeling of commercials selling beer.

The more you learn about your topic, the more specific and developed your thesis statement will become.

In fact, you might not write your final version of the thesis until your essay is close to finished.

Impairment may involve physiological, psychological or social dysfunction.” Psychologically speaking, alcoholism has less to do with “how much” someone is drinking, and more to do with what happens when they drink.

If you have problems when you drink, you have a drinking problem.

For instance, you could develop this outline from the multi-part thesis statement given above: I. Women’s Risk Factors for Developing Alcoholism III. Click here, here, or here to try an excellent application for making clusters, webs, or maps. Women have different psycho-social risk factors than men for developing alcoholism, including higher rates of depression and anxiety and also of sexual abuse. Due to biological differences between men and women-- including women's smaller average overall mass, lesser concentrations of water and greater concentrations of fat, and different hormones and enzymes--women suffer great physiological damage after less exposure to alcohol. Women--especially single mothers--face different and sometimes greater barriers to seeking treatment than men, including: fear of losing custody of children for admitting to an addiction; difficulty securing childcare while in treatment; and higher levels of stigma, guilt, and shame. Readers would learn a little about each one, but not much about any particular aspect.

Thesis On Alcoholism

Physiological Damage that Women Experience from Drinking IV. Conclusion If you aren't comfortable with outlining, you might prefer to make a cluster, web, or map. Next, you could use the items in your outline to develop topic sentences for the paragraphs in the body of your essay that connect back to and develop, explain, support, or prove your thesis. Broad thesis statements can lead to rambling and superficial essays, in which the writer touches on several ideas but explores none in depth.We rarely know what we want our audience to believe or learn about our topic until we've done some reading, writing, and thinking about it.But if we simply search our topic, we'll probably get too many results to wade through even the reputable material and find a coherent focus for our essay. " Statements that prompt these types of questions about evidence are usually assertions.Most of the time, though, you’ll do secondary research: you’ll look for answers in existing studies, surveys, interviews, reports, data sets, and more.Both primary and secondary research go better when you craft a narrow, well-developed thesis statement that you can support with credible, convincing evidence.You get fewer than 10,000 "hits," and they seem to be from reputable sources, but they cover every aspect of the topic that you can imagine -- and more. First things first: you need more than a topic to conduct effective research and to write a well-crafted paper.You need a thesis statement--the main idea that you want to convey to your audience about your topic.A well-developed thesis lays out the main and supporting ideas, in the order you will take them up in the essay.The well-developed thesis statement given above-- As an adult student with expertise in your field of work and study, you might find yourself doing some primary research--posing questions and constructing studies, surveys, and interviews to find the answers.(In fact, you’d probably find at least as many examples of the antithesis--) By contrast, you could find credible evidence that proves the specific assertions that people in satisfying long-term relationships report higher levels of happiness, enjoy better physical health, and live longer than their single or their unhappily coupled peers.You’ll probably find that you need to revise your thesis statement several times as you research your topic and write drafts of your paper.


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