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The following generic outline is generally focused on the components of a proposal.(The follow-on section describes format variations required for other kinds of academic programs.) Next: Research Proposals Updated in 2014 by Christine Black.

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The RFAs provide sufficient information to allow prospective applicants to determine whether the solicitation is relevant to their funding needs and/or field of research.

The RFA may include the amount of funding available, the number of awards anticipated, the application deadline and other information that describes the nature of the effort desired and the obligations of recipients.

Principal Investigators (PIs) submit proposals to sponsors through their institutions to request funding for clearly defined sponsored activities.

At UCSF, PIs work with RMS and GBC to prepare these submissions.

Occasionally, RFAs limit the number of proposals that an institution may submit.

The UCSF Limited Submission Program page has more information.

Grant Proposals - For funding proposals to all levels of government. Business Proposals - For all types of business proposals. Technical Proposals - Research, academic, business and government. Project Proposals - For all types of projects - all sectors. Sales Proposals - For all types of products and services.

Sales Proposal Kit In addition to the above list of most popular proposal types, the following is a list of other proposal types that many people also need help writing: No doubt there are other types of proposals as well.

They must be highly focused and properly structured.

So, while researching this subject I looked into what software was available to help people write and format all the different types of proposals.


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