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The BEd was formerly awarded to students residing at Westminster College, Culham College of Education, the Lady Spencer Churchill College of Education, and Milton Keynes College of Education (formerly the North Buckinghamshire College of Education) who read concurrently at the university.In the 1990s the following degrees were introduced to increase public recognition of the four-year undergraduate science programmes in these subjects: The holders of these degrees have the academic precedence and standing of BAs until the twenty-first term from matriculation, when they rank as MAs.University Honors students must maintain a 3.2 overall GPA, and a 3.0 honors GPA.

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From 2014 graduates with these degrees wear the same academic gown as a Master of Studies, with a black silk hood lined with sand fabric.

Previously the academic dress was simply the BA gown and hood, (from 2009, even after achieving MA status).

If a student completes one of these programs, an Honors distinction corresponding to the program that was completed will appear on the student's diploma and official transcript.

The college also offers many events and programs, which are open to UCF students regardless of whether or not they are honors students.

With only 1,700 students in the college, the Burnett Honors College combines the intimacy of a small liberal arts college with the advantages of a large metropolitan research university.

The college does not have any departments or offer any degrees by itself; all of its students are also students of one of the other colleges at the university.The college administers UCF's two honors programs, University Honors and Honors in the Major, through programs of advanced study at the university's main campus in Orlando.These programs encompass students who are also in one of UCF's twelve other academic colleges, but have applied to and been accepted to the Burnett Honors College.The higher bachelor's degree programme is generally a taught programme of one or two years for graduates.In Medicine and Surgery this corresponds to the clinical phase of training, after which they are accorded the courtesy title "Doctor".In contrast, science undergraduates at Cambridge may be granted the additional degree of Master of Natural Sciences (MSci) while continuing to be awarded the BA (and the subsequent MA).Note that biology and physiology undergraduates are still awarded the BA/MA, as these are currently three-year courses.This is not merely because many degree titles date from the Middle Ages, but also because many changes have been haphazardly introduced in recent years. are postgraduate degrees, while the (modern) MPhys, MEng, etc. In postnominals, "University of Oxford" is normally abbreviated "Oxon.", which is short for (Academia) Oxoniensis: e.g., MA (Oxon.), although within the university itself the abbreviation "Oxf" can be used.The bachelor's degree is awarded soon after the end of the degree course (three or four years after matriculation).All other undergraduates, whether their degree courses last three years or four years, are awarded the BA/MA The degree of Master of Arts is awarded to BAs and BFAs seven years after matriculation, without further examination, upon the payment of a nominal fee.Recipients of undergraduate master's degrees are not eligible to incept as MA, but are afforded the same privileges after the statutory twenty-one terms.


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